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This Order Page is ONLY if you are renewing an ALPHA or GOAT BOX. You can choose any 1 to 4 premiums. The costs will be shown in the drop down box when you order. Make sure you specify which services you want to add or renew. You may be receiving different account credentials than from your original purchase. These premiums are all 12 months and 1 Connection. Once you place your order and accounts are processed and renewed, there will be no refunds or changes allowed. You will need to include your cell phone number on order page to receive your premium account credentials.

Contact me at 352-509-6110 for questions on renewing your Goat.

  1. 12 Month renewal (Choose any 1 Premium) ---->  119.99

  2.  12 Month renewal (Choose any 2 Premiums)  ---->  199.99

  3.  12 Month renewal (Choose any 3 Premiums) -----> 239.99

  4.  12 Month renewal (ALL 4 Premiums) ----->  274.99

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